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S1604_200x207SPACE No. 581 (April 2016) kr
SPACE No. 581 (April 2016) en

Art’s engagement with urban space is not a new subject. The art form that is widely known as ‘public art’ has been practiced for many decades, primarily to defy the prevalent white cube of the modernism art. It has been presented mainly in the form of outdoor installation and performance, focusing extensively on the interaction with the public. In spite of consistent efforts made by artists and critics to articulate the meaning of public art, the discourses have remained within the domain of fine art and determined by art’s relationship with the public: how artworks communicate with an audience or contribute to the community. What about seeing art through the lens of the urban or through urban studies? The essays on this issue attempt an alternative interdisciplinary approach to broaden the meanings of art in/on urban space and understand art as a part of a specific yet broader urban fabric. The feature of this edition will examine how artists explore the urban spaces that have been laid to waste throughout the modern and postmodern era, thinking through what public space means today and considering how artists research the security issue in privatized-public space through an interview with Max Colson.

*This research at the UCL Urban Laboratory was supported by the Korea Arts Management Service and the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of the Republic of Korea.

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