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see Korean

What is intriguing about works on the border of art and design is the simultaneous pursuit of art value and brand value—or more specifically, advancing brand value while defying it at the same time (here, the artistic is parallel with being experimental, indifferent to the market economy). Achieving these contradictory purposes relies solely on the degree to which the designer can keep balance walking on the risky tightrope between art and commerce. The New York-based architectural design duo Aranda\Lasch (Ben Aranda and Chris Lasch) shows a sense of balance par excellence through research-based experiments and interdisciplinary collaborations, particularly those closely associated with the market, either art or mass market; sometimes they present their conceptual works in art institutions, and sometimes they join with a couture brand to apply their concepts to fashion items, pushing the limits to which contemporary designers can transform themselves from serious lab researchers to producers of brand value.

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